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Tiktoker wreck havoc to Vietnamese movie industry

31/01/2023 - 03:22

The problem of ‘movie review’ on TikTok and other social platforms has not cooled down, but Vietnamese movies face the problem of being secretly filmed and distributed on TikTok.

The latest victims in this problem are the movie “Nhà bà Nữ” by Trấn Thành and the movie “Chị chị em em 2” by Producer Will Vu.

Will Vu said it is difficult to determine the extent of the loss in revenue in a specific number. But the leaked videos are all important segments, affecting the entire narrative flow.

It can be seen that, in recent years, many Vietnamese films have been affected by hidden filming. In 2017, “Cô Ba Sài Gòn” was recorded by a fanpage on Facebook and distributed in the form of a livestream. The perpetrator was then handed over to the local police by the cinema security guard. Kong: Skull Island – a blockbuster with 70% domestic context – was also streamed by many people after only a few days of domestic screening.


However, there is currently no complete solution to this problem. Currently, the sanctions for the distribution of films by illegal Vietnamese producers only stop at the level of deterrence and warning and are accompanied by a commitment not to repeat the offense. This causes many subjects to continue to be violate, leaving heavy consequences for the producers.

Source:  sohuutritue.net

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